How to take care of your pearls

Here is a little bit of advice regarding fairy skull pearls, carved pearls, facetted pearls, and pearls in general.

Please beware not to drop your pearls or hit them against a hard surface, as pearls are fragile.

Whether you are talking about South Sea or Tahiti Pearls, pearls are living jewelry.

The pearls’ worst enemies are soap, deodorant, hairspray and perfume. That is why you should always remember to first put on makeup, do your hair and put on your perfume – then put on your beautiful pearls as a final step.

When pearls aren’t being used, they should be stored in a soft bag. If they lie around your other pieces of jewelry, you’ll risk scratching them.

If pearls lie hidden in a jewelry chest for years, they will dry out. That means that the surface of the pearl will lose its shine, color and smoothness. The best way to maintain the quality of a pearl is to wear it on the skin as often as possible.

The weakest link in a pearl collier is most often the silk string that keeps it together.
That is why a pearl collier should be checked at a jeweler and – if necessary – have the silk string replaced.